Supply Chain Resilience Course (BCI)

Understand supply chains, how they are managed and how to add resilience measures to them. How should you engage with those responsible for procurement and their teams to embed business continuity and resilience into the business supply chain, and ensuring organisational resilience?

Supply chains are often under complex and global pressure, suppliers may be in areas of the world that suffer considerable threats from severe weather systems and many other logistical problems. Learn to communicate across to the procurement team that the resilience measures proposed are an investment in resilience and a value-for-money proposition for the business, through learning their terminology and cost benefit analysis that can influence decisions on awarding contracts to more resilient suppliers to create resilient supply chains.

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Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to :

  • Be familiar with the workings of supply chain and their component parts
  • Be able to manage the organization’s supply chain resilience
  • Communicate and work with procurement personnel in awarding more resilient contracts
  • Create Top Management reports such that the report supports the concepts of building supply chain resilience

Course Outline

  • Understand supply chains and their component parts
  • Develop value for money supply chain resilience solutions
  • Understand how to engage with staff responsible for awarding more resilient contracts
  • Learn to craft Top Management reports such that the report supports the concepts of building supply chain resilience

Course Duration & Conduct

Duration: 1 day
9 am – 5 pm (including 1-hour lunch break)

Conduct of course: Classroom or Online Training Available
– Classroom Training will be held in Kuala Lumpur unless otherwise stated below.
– Online Live Training will be held via Zoom

Course Audience

  • Business Continuity and resilience professionals who are responsible for their organization’s BCM programme with a need to understand the importance of Supply Chain Resilience and how to incorporate this into every day practice
  • Those who are interested in supply chain resilience are also encouraged to join this course.

Course Fees

Type of Fees Fees (include 6% SST)
Early Bird fee Register 4 weeks before the course start date RM 2,014
Normal Fee RM 2,332

This course is a HRD Corp Claimable! Contact us to learn more about the grant.

For BCP Asia Client rate and Group rate, please contact us at (60) 3 2731 9309 or email us at

Course Runs

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