Our Management Team

BCP Asia Mgmt_Victor Ng

Victor Ng, AMBCI, ACTA
Associate Director

Victor Ng joined BCP Asia in Year 2008 and is currently heading the Internal Audit team. He conducts trainings and internal audits for BCP Asia clients, of which many achieved their certification at personal or organisational level. A well-liked professional by clients, Victor always provides advisory from different angles that provoke thoughts and new ideas. With over 25 years of experience, both as a BCM & Risk Manager in the global banks and as a consultant with BCP Asia, Victor has many real life experiences that includes Y2K, September 11 incident and global virus attack. Victor is a professionally certified AMBCI (BCI), ISO22301 Lead auditor certified and graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA). He is a certified trainer by BCI and is ACTA certified. Connect with Victor on LinkedIn: linkedin, social media, internet
BCP Asia Mgmt_Bernice Peck

Bernice Peck, MBCI, CBCP, DACE
General Manager

Bernice has more than 20 years of experience with BCP Asia. She oversees the sales and business development, training and events and quality control of deliverables.

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BCP Asia Mgmt_Peck Eing Seng

Peck Eing Seng, MBCI, ACTA
Head of Consulting

Peck Eing Seng manages consulting teams and oversees the implementation of projects. A certified professional with more than 15 years experience, Eing Seng provided consulting advisory services to clients from many industries and sectors.

He has worked with clients from the healthcare, manufacturing, research, logistic, telecommunication and public sectors of Singapore, China, Thailand and Indonesia; leading to BCMS certification.  Eing Seng conducts training and is a certified trainer by PECB and holds ACTA.  He is also a certified management consultant and holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree from the National Technological University (NTU).

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BCP Asia Mgmt_Raymond Ee

Raymond Ee, MBA, MBCI, ACTA
Head of Products & Solutions

Raymond Ee led the team in the development and implementation of Business Resilience related solutions and is an avid evangelist for corporate adoption of BCM good practices and automation through technology. Raymond has been actively sourcing and exploring new areas for more efficient ways to roll out Business Resilience programs.  A certified professional (MBCI), Raymond also provide consulting advisory and trainings to organisations.    Raymond holds a degree in Computer Science & Information Systems from National University of Singapore and a MBA from San Francisco State University.  He is a BCI certified trainer and ACTA certified. Connect with Raymond on LinkedIn: linkedin, social media, internet
BCP Asia Mgmt_Jaslene Pung

Jaslene Pung, ACCA
Finance & HR Manager

Jaslene Pung oversees the Finance and HR function.

Last updated: December 2022