Experience • Consistency • Quality • Flexibility • Professionalism

Experience: Our consultants have a combined experience of over 60 years! Having been in the industry since 2000, BCP Asia has worked with clients from large multinationals to small and medium firms, coming from different industries, namely government, healthcare, telecommunication, finance, logistics, retail, facilities management, food and others.

Consistency & Quality: Through adoption of the ISO22301:2019, ISO31000:2018, COSO and related guidelines from the authorities and best practices from professional societies, we have derived a systematic approach for implementation of Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management programs for organisations. The consistent and systematic approach also ensures the quality of the deliverables, through the check and balance methodology that we used for our projects.

Flexibility: We understand that no two organisations are the same. Even though the approach may be structured, we exercise flexibility in implementing our approach to fit the different context and environment.

Professionalism: Our consultants are certified professionals in Business Continuity, Enterprise Risk Management, Training and Management Consulting.

These 5 key traits can be used to describe each BCP Asia consultant. If you wish to know more about our approaches, please contact us here.

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