Crisis Safe & Sound - Spokesperson and Social Media Best Practices

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Saying the right thing at the right time is crucial during any kind of crisis. And knowing the right thing to say, while showing empathy, is tough without the proper guidance, preparation and practice. Social media has now made it near impossible for CEOs and spokespersons to hide behind press statements. When stakes are high, even the smartest people can be caught off-guard and fail miserably. Being a spokesperson is almost like an improv act – where one needs to react on the spot with a well-thought-out response. Learn how to look and sound your best in a crisis with our 3P Strategy.

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Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to :

  • Be the face and voice of the company to positively influence perception
  • Understand what media wants and manage their expectations
  • Handle media interviews with finesse
  • Avoid common PR mistakes
  • Know how to react and what to say in any situation

Course Outline

Build Presence

  • Develop a Voice that conveys confidence, authority and trustworthiness
  • Master non-verbal communication skills to enhance presence
  • Learn powerful interview techniques to handle tough questions
  • Handle media like a pro in press conferences, one- to-one and door-stop interviews
  • Look good on camera with basic knowledge of audio and visual equipment

Be Prepared

  • Understand what traditional and social media want
  • Establish AIM (Audience, Intent, Message)
  • Do homework before media interview
  • Develop key messages, talking points and press materials
  • Establish ground rules for media interaction
  • Build rapport with media before a crisis 

Shape Perception

  • Communicate with the Spoken Word (vs Written Word)
  • Learn Tips and Tricks to shape story and get message across
  • Speak in clear and concise soundbites with context
  • Learn key phrases and sentences to use in media interviews

Course Duration & Conduct

Duration: 1 day
9 am – 5 pm (including 1-hour lunch break)

Conduct of course: Classroom or Online Training Available

  • Classroom Training will be held in Kuala Lumpur unless otherwise stated below.
  • Online Live Training will be held via Zoom

Course Audience

  • Leadership Team (CXO)
  • Board Members, Directors
  • Key Spokesman
  • PR Team
  • Crisis Communication Team

      *This training is a small group training and highly interactive.

Course Fees

Type of FeesFee (include 6% SST)
Early Bird fees
Register 4 weeks before the course start date
Normal FeesRM3,233

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