About the Industry

The healthcare industry has been moving towards an integrated care model to provide patients with holistic and integrated care. The key challenge in the healthcare sector is it need to always be up and running, especially during a pandemic, crisis, or national disaster. Dealing with manpower shortage and possible huge influx of patients during a crisis are some considerations for the healthcare sector.

BCP Asia's Experience

BCP Asia started to develop plans for healthcare industry since 2007 when we guided and brought a healthcare cluster of 6 institutions to achieve BCM certification in 2008 (then SS540:2008) and subsequently upgraded to ISO22301:2012 in 2015. Since then we have run projects for over 20 hospitals and specialised institutions in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Hospitals, specialised institutions, medical centres, or even step-down care community hospitals have different concerns and priorities. Throughout the years, we have developed a series of strategies and advisories for different recovery priorities and expectations. While most organisations can use impact study to identify the mission critical activities and critical business functions to determine their priority activities; how can healthcare conduct their impact study when it is concerning human lives?

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