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BCP Asia Webinar | 27 January 2023, 10 am - 12 pm (GMT +8, MYT)

Trends and Predictions in Building Organizational Resilience in 2023

Speaker 1: Mr. Henry Ee, Managing Director, BCP Asia

Topic: Trends and Predictions – Get Ready for Turbulence in 2023!

As we approach 2023, it’s common to look back on the biggest security events that took place this year and anticipate their effect next year. The previous two years have shown that our world is full of complexity and uncertainty. Are we ready for turbulence for this year? Join this webinar as this topic will talk about the key considerations for Risk and BC Managers, emerging trends and market uncertainty, and dealing with compliance and regulations.

Speaker 2: Mr. Peck Eing Seng, Senior Consultant, BCP Asia

Topic: 2023 Top 5 Evolving Risks That Should Be on Your Risk Register

As the business environment continues to change and evolve, it is important for organizations to stay aware of potential risks in Asia and to proactively manage them. In this Webinar, we will explore the top 5 evolving risks that you should consider to include in your risk register. By keeping these evolving risks in mind and actively managing them, your organization can better prepare for and mitigate potential threats.

Speaker 3: Mr. Suhendra Seng, Consultant, BCP Asia

Topic: Establishing an Impactful BCP in 2023 – Updates You Need to Know

It is essential to understand that your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has to be regularly reviewed and updated while keeping up with the pace of change. Too often the revising and updating of existing plans is overlooked. An out-of-date plan is worse than having no plan. Why? All businesses constantly change day to day, month to month, and year to year in both big and small increments. Also, your business, including the BCP, has to be adaptive to the changing business environment. In this session, you will learn the various important factors that you would need to consider when updating your business continuity plan in 2023. Important factors include recovery strategy while adapting to the changing environment, emphasis to ISO22301:2019 requirements and testing & exercising requirements.


Topic: Working Towards Strengthening Organizational Resilience

Moderator: Mr. Raymond Ee, Senior Consultant, BCP Asia

Panellists: 1) Mr. Henry Ee, Managing Director, BCP Asia
2) Mr. James McLeary, Managing Director of Cyber Security Risk (vCISO / DPO Lead APAC), Kroll
3) Mr. Puji Pujiono, Chairperson, Working Group on Disaster and Environment Statistics, Ministry of National Development Planning & Statistics Indonesia