[MASTER CLASS] Mastering Resilience through Business Continuity, Resilience Strategies and Crisis Communication

Course Overview

Organizational resilience is defined using a multi-theoretical, multi-level framework of relational communication that addresses the intertwined physical, social, and organizational elements that contribute to organizational survivability. In short, this upcoming new concept is harmonizing different disciplines and enhances the overall resiliency that the organisation can handle. This masterclass covers 3 key areas: Organisational resilience, business continuity and crisis communication. This 3-in-1 workshop, conducted by veterans in their respective industry which will covers practical approaches to build on your existing skills and knowledge to develop as well as enhance resilience capabilities within your organizations.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to :

  • Understand risk, security, safety, preparedness, resilience, response & reliability
  • Key indicators that the existing strategies are obsolete.
  • Design policy and controls for you to manage change as well as risk
  • Apply concepts and innovative solutions to achieve business resilience
  • Identify crisis scenarios the key roles and responsibilities of the Crisis Communications team

Synopsis & Course Outline

Today, Organizations must be strategically adaptable, operationally aware, and tactically capable to respond to the impact of any change. The one discipline that predicates impact upon business capability is Business Continuity (BC). BC can be used as a central facilitator to build resilience and sustainability. Resilience, as a goal, can be enhanced by integrating and coordinating various disciplines in an organization: strategic, tactical, and operational. Organizations can explore different methods for remedial responses and find the ideal approach to embed resilience through business continuity.

Course Outline:
  • Discuss how organizations look at resiliency as a whole, its goals, its purpose and benefits.
  • Identifying key indicators within BC to establish the synergies in Organizational Resilience
  • Developing a Resilience Program: A Bridge between continuity and resilience. Building a resilient organization model with BC
  • Maintaining the resilience program

Organizations today are presented with an ever-growing number of challenges, compounded by the speed of technological change and evolution, all of which act together to increase business risk. Evidence indicates that Resilient organisations are successfully proactive; they can foresee relevant scenarios that may have damaging effects on business operations. Therefore, if you have, or could have, a key role to play in the resilience of your organisation, then this course is for you.

Course Outline:
  • Understanding the features of BSI 65000
  • Guidance on achieving enhanced Business Resilience
  • Identification and investigation of indicators that assesses the resilience of an organization
  • Determine how pro-active individuals in resilient organisations improve the reliability of operations
  • Identifying how to demonstrate a clear focus on developing confidence and leadership capabilities

In today’s world where bad news can travel around the globe in mere minutes, companies cannot afford to be caught of guard. You would never dream of running a marathon without any proper training. The same applies to managing any kind of crisis which could threatens a company’s reputation and survival. Build up your crisis communications infrastructure and muscles, way ahead of the race. Otherwise you could run the risk of making a bad situation, worse. what would it take for your company to swing into action fast if a crisis should happen.

Equip yourself with the 3s strategy to handle the emergency with finesse;

  1. Avoid common public relations mistakes
  2. Navigate the new social media landscape
  3. Handle media interviews with confidence

Course Duration & Conduct

Duration: 1 day
9.00 am – 5.00 pm (including 2 tea breaks and lunch break)

Conduct of course: Classroom
Location: Singapore Recreation Club, Padang, Singapore

Course Audience: Business Leaders and Owners of all industries

  • Business Continuity and resilience professionals
  • Senior leaders
  • Head & Managers from Organisational / Service  Resilience & Operations
  • Head & Managers from Risk and Insurance
  • Head & Managers from Operation, Asset, HR and Facility
  • Crisis Management Team
  • Head & Managers from Compliance  & Governance
  • Appointed Key spokesperson

Course Fees

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Course Run

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Trainers' Biographies

Having been in the business continuity profession for more than 20 years, Henry has actively contributed to the industry’s wider understanding in business continuity, risk management and related disciplines. Henry is currently appointed as the Chairman for the BCI Singapore Chapter and as the Vice President for RIMAS. Henry is also a working group member of the Public-Private Partnership in UNDRR since 2016, looking into Disaster Risk Management in the region. He served as the Technical Expert for Business Continuity & Resilience on the International Organization for Standards (ISO) for the most recent ISO22301:2019 review.

Since establishing BCP Asia in 2000, Henry personally conducts trainings and provide consulting advisory services. To date, he has implemented more than 350 projects and trained more than 5000 professionals across Financial, Information Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Transportation, Telecommunication and Healthcare industries from around Asia namely Singapore, Philippines, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mauritius, Macau, Australia and Saudi Arabia. 

He is currently a professionally certified BC practitioner as FBCI and CBCP by the the Business Continuity Institute, UK and Disaster Recovery Institute International, US. As a trainer, he is ACTA certified, and a certified trainer by PECB, EXIN and the BCI (UK). Henry is the first Asian to be elected to the Board of BCI (UK) and was later awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award by BCI in October 2010.

Pete is a Project Leader, TC292/WG2 – ISO 22336: Organizational resilience – Policy formulation and strategy implementation. He is also a Member Standards Australia Committee MB-025 Security & resilience. Nominated Expert (Australia) ISO TC292 – Security and resilience 

  1. Ms. How Hwee Yin:

    Hwee Yin started her career in Mediacorp. She is also effectively bilingual and worked as a producer in Chinese Current Affairs before joining the Public Affairs Department of Singapore Airlines. She understands crisis media management from both sides of the coin, having reported on them and dealing with the ones which erupted in SIA. Since then, she has worked for a whole range of companies from jewellery to property companies as well as promoted celebrities.

    She is someone who wants to understand why things happen the way they do. That was why she studied Economics and Political Science at the National University of Singapore. By nature an introvert, she is a deep thinker, who is constantly evolving and growing. Her passion is to help others bring out the best version of themselves.

  2. Ms. Ingrid Ho:

    Ingrid enjoys owning her stage and wants to help others do the same. A Graduate in Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, she caught the hosting bug when she was emceeing events on campus. Initially a shy girl at school, Ingrid discovered the power of her Voice and is eager to share her passion for public speaking and conquering stage fright.

    Her ability to host in English and Mandarin makes her a favorite with corporate events, government functions and webinars. One of her recent feats was emceeing for a 14-hour Online Conference for ST Engineering. Despite the super long hours, she stayed bright and engaging, right to the very end.

  3. Ms. Rebecca Low:

    Rebecca was a TV News Editor at Mediacorp. She later went on to coach reporters and newscasters to present On Camera. She spent 25 years at Caldecott Hill before forming her own company to teach Voice, Speech and Presentation Skills. She has studied with some of the top Communication experts in the US and UK and has created a unique East West approach for speaking on the Global Stage. Her clients include multi-nationals, government agencies, tertiary institutions and NGOs.

    Her approach is holistic and integral, while also keeping it fun and practical. She grew up thinking she had a speech problem, got a job in Broadcasting and  much to her surprise became a Communications Coach.