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About the Industry

The logistics sector encompasses land transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing, and shipping.

In the past decade, the logistics sector has experienced significant transformations. The increasing trend of outsourcing to third-party logistics providers, who specialize in integrated operations, warehousing, transportation, and shipping services, has enabled businesses to focus on their core operations and provide on-demand supplies with flexibility. Managing the supply chain has become increasingly challenging, as businesses must adapt to technological changes, shifts in consumer and business purchasing behavior, and comply with a variety of location-specific policies and regulations.

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BCP Asia's Experience

Our experience in this industry started in 2006. Currently we have developed programs for more than 20 organisations in Singapore.

While companies are concerned about denial of access to their offices, facility management companies are concerned about preventive measures to implement such situations. With many services under their belt, what should be the priority in response if incidents happened? For companies dealing with hygiene services, what is the plan if services are required to clean an infected building during the height of a pandemic outbreak?

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